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Visual Studio Code


  • Make sure Visual Studio Code is on version or higher.
  • Ensure adb is set in the global path.

Download the plugin

Step 1: Open Visual Studio Code, click on Extensions, enter Kobiton ADB Tunnel in the search bar to find the plugin then click Install.

Step 2: Restart Visual Studio Code

Verify account

Step 3: Open Kobiton ADB Tunnel plugin: Cmd + Shift + P (Command Palette) > Type ‘Kobiton ADB Tunnel’


Step 4: Input Server Address, Email, APIKey then select “Connect” button to verify account. This is one time input if you do not sign out. - Server Address: api server - Email: your login email - ApiKey: in Settings/API Keys on the Kobiton portal


Connect to a device

Step 5: Launch a device in the device list via iFrame.


Step 6: Input the Session ID to Kobiton ADB Tunnel dialog on IDE, then click the “Connect” button to connect to the device.


Step 7: Start debugging.




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