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Android Studio and IntelliJ

The two IDEs Android Studio and IntelliJ are pretty much the same. This guide will walk you through IntelliJ. The similar steps should be applied in Android Studio as well.

Download the plugin

Step 1: Open IntelliJ, click on IntelliJ > Preferences > Plugins. From the marketplace tab, enter Kobiton ADB Tunnel plugin to find the plugin then click install.

Step 2: Restart IntelliJ.

Verify account

Step 3: Open Kobiton ADB Tunnel plugin in Tools/Kobiton ADB Tunnel.


Step 4: Input Server Address, Email, APIKey then select “Authenticate” button to verify account. This is one time input if you do not sign out. - Server Address: api server - Email: your login email - ApiKey: in Settings/API Keys on the Kobiton portal


Connect to a device

Step 5: Launch a device in the device list via iFrame.


Step 6: Input the Session ID to Kobiton ADB Tunnel dialog on IDE, then click the “Connect” button to connect to the device.


Step 7: Start debugging.

Note: The global path environment for adb command is set by default in Mac but you can change it in Preferences > Tools > Kobiton ADB Tunnel




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