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General security

  • Does Kobiton keep my application on the device I have tested?

No, Kobiton automatically uninstalls any installed apps when you end the test session. However, Kobiton only uninstalls apps; you must clean up other data created or used during the test session.

  • Are there any restrictions on testing a particular domain app?

Yes, Kobiton prohibits testing apps that are used for hacking or malware distribution. We also recommend not exposing apps that contain sensitive personal or financial information such as healthcare apps or banking apps.

  • What should I do if I observe a security breach?

Notify Kobiton immediately for any unauthorized access of your ID, password, or any other known or suspected breach of security with respect to your use of Kobiton.

  • Is it safe to test my application on Kobiton devices?

Yes, however, we recommend you do not test apps in the cloud that contain sensitive personal and financial information such as healthcare apps or banking apps.

  • Will anyone else be able to access my app or the device during a testing session?

No, the Kobiton cloud device is only available to you once a test session has started. Kobiton protects your apps, and they are not accessible to anyone during or immediately after a test session. Kobiton automatically uninstalls the app after you complete the test session.

  • When I am testing on a device, are any other apps using the device at the same time?

While no one else will be testing on the device at the same time, there are always apps using the device such as pre-installed apps, system apps, services, etc. These apps should not interfere with your testing sessions.

  • Will the automatic activity logs created during a testing session be available to anyone else but me?

Yes, all members of your organization can access the test session data. For an individual tester account, the session log is available only to the account owner.

  • I once began a test session on a Kobiton Android device and was able to see the left over Google account credentials from the previous tester. How do I keep my information private?

Kobiton now removes all Google account information on Android devices at the end of a test session, but you you should always verify that your information has be wiped just to be sure.

App-Ray security

  • What is the benefit of the App-Ray integration?

Our integration with App-Ray scans all Android and iOS devices to detect vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of public Kobiton cloud devices. This is a community safety measure that benefits all users.

  • What type of security threats/risk is App-Ray scanning for?

There are more than 50 threats that App-Ray will scan for, ranging from critical issues such as virus, device admin, etc., to minor issues such as contact read, camera usage, etc.

  • My app was flagged for risk. What should I do next?

You may have to submit a request for bypass approval. We will then review/verify the app and your account internally before making a decision.

  • What's the difference in criteria between "no risk" and "security approved"?

No risk means an app has been scanned and there is no risk detected. Security approved means the app bypass request was approved by Kobiton and the app can now be installed on Kobiton devices.

  • Can I still test my app even if it's flagged for "security risk detected" ?

No, you must submit a request for bypass approval.

  • How do I change my app from "security risk detected" to "security approved"?

You must submit a request for bypass approval. Kobiton will then verify the information and approve/reject the bypass request accordingly.

  • I believe my app was incorrectly flagged for security threats. How do I dispute this?

This is unlikely, as we are confident in the App-Ray scanning technology. However, in the event that you do not agree with a app scan result, please email support or create a support ticket inside the portal.

  • We have done everything on our end to resolve the detected threats but the app still cannot be installed, what should we do next?

Please send an email to Kobiton at

  • My app has been flagged for "security risk detected" can I still install it on my in-house devices?

Yes, apps detected for critical risks are only prohibited from installation on public Kobiton cloud devices.




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