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Free trial and pricing

  • I’d like to trial Kobiton. Is a trial available?

Yes! You can begin your free trial today. Once you successfully Sign Up for your trial account and login, "Select A Device" and start testing! Contact us if you need help getting started.

  • How does the free trial work?

The trial period gives you 120 device minutes to use over the course of 15 days. Please see more details on our pricing page.


Users can cancel the trial anytime during the trial period.

  • Can I extend my trial?

Yes. If you add members or internal devices to your organization account, your trial period will extend to 30 days. To extend your trial minutes, please Contact us.

  • I want to evaluate Kobiton as a team during my trial. How can I do that?

To add uses to your trial account, go to settings > organization and type the email address of the person you would like to invite to your team.

  • I want to add internal devices to my trial evaluation. How can I do that?

To add internal devices to your trial account, first download the Kobiton desktop application and then follow he steps outlined in this article.

  • How many of my own internal devices can I use with Kobiton during my trial?

There is no limit to the number of internal devices you can use with our device lab management feature during the trial.

  • How many concurrent sessions can I run during my trial?

There is no limit to how many concurrent sessions you can run during your trial period.

  • How much does Kobiton cost?

Pricing is based on the subscription plan you choose. Please see more details on our pricing page.

  • How do you charge the overages minutes?

You can continue testing on Kobiton devices after you have used all your subscription minutes. Overage charges are charged at the rate of $0.14 per device minute and are billed at the end of the month.

  • Can I buy additional device slots?

Yes, however you can only buy additional device slots with the Business plan. Additional device slots are available to you immediately.

  • When I use my in-house devices, does Kobiton charge me for device minutes, and is there a limit for concurrent sessions on in-house devices?

No, Kobiton does not charge for device minutes or limit concurrent sessions on your in-house devices.

  • How does Kobiton calculate the device minutes?

Kobiton starts calculating device minutes when you begin a test session on a Kobiton cloud device.

  • When I close a device or exit the browser, does that mean the device is released and I'm no longer being charged?

Yes, when you close a device or exit the browser, Kobiton immediately releases the device and stops charging you for device minutes.

  • Can I upgrade and downgrade plans at any time?

Currently, Kobiton only supports upgrading from Indie to Business, and rom Business monthly to Business annual, but not vice versa. Please Contact us if you need to downgrade your subscription.

  • Are all plans auto-renewed?

No, only Business plans auto-renew. However users may cancel their subscription at anytime.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

Kobiton accepts credit cards and PayPal.

  • Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, Kobiton will send you a payment invoice via email.

  • What will happen to my current account/plan as a result of the changes?

Your account will automatically be reset to a billing period beginning July 17, 2017. You will not see any changes to the number of remaining minutes in your account.

  • As an Indie plan user, will I be charged again for creating a new account?

No, we will rollover any unused minutes to your new Indie subscription without charging your credit card again.

  • As an Indie, is there a minimum number of minutes I must commit to before I can purchase?

Yes, you must purchase at least 100 minutes ($10). There is no maximum.

  • As an Indie, can I cancel my account if I no longer want to test with Kobiton?

With our new pricing model and plan options, Indies are now pre-paid (or pay as you go) and not on a subscription. You don't have to worry about your credit card being charged at anytime unless you manually elect to purchase additional minutes. If you would still like to cancel for any reason, please contact us via a support ticket.

  • As a business plan user, will I be charged again for creating a new account?

We refunded you the amount you paid for the month leading up to the pricing change, and the charged your card again for the total amount of the subscription (transferring your exact plan details), effectively resulting in $0 change to your bank or credit balance.

  • What do I have to do for my plan/account to be reset?

Nothing, just log into the Kobiton portal as usual with the same username and password. You will have the same minutes balance as you had prior to the transition, with the option to purchase more minutes if desired.

  • How can I purchase additional minutes as an Indie?

By going to the subscription tab in the admin portal and changing the quantity of minutes to your desired amount. The minimum number of minutes for each additional purchase is 100.

  • How much is each additional minute?

Kobiton charges 0.10 per device minute, but you cannot purchase less than 100 minutes (10) at a time.

  • How long do the minutes remain in my account after purchase?

Kobiton minutes never expire for Indies. You can use them whenever you want, no matter how long ago you purchased them. Minutes continue to rollover month-to-month for the Business plan.

  • As a Business plan user, if I purchase minutes or device slots during the middle of my billing cycle, when will they be available for use?

All upgrades made to business accounts take effect immediately. Any upgrades to your plan will be implemented for the current month, as well as all subsequent months until you change the plan details again. Any downgrades will take effect during the following billing cycle.

  • As a Business plan user, if I purchase device slots in the middle of my billing cycle, will the charges be prorated?

No, we do not prorate device slots.

  • As a Business plan user, is there a minimum number of minutes/device slots I must commit to before I can purchase a biz plan?

Yes, you must purchase at least 500 minutes ($50) at a time with business accounts. Any amount above that, including 51, is fine. **OR** you must purchase at least 1 device slot (30) to activate a business account.

  • As a Business plan user, is there a minimum number of minutes/device slots I must purchase when upgrading my plan?

Yes, you must purchase minutes in blocks of at least $50 (500 mins at a time).

  • As a Business plan user, Is there a maximum number of minutes I can purchase?

No, we do not have a max limitation on number of minutes or device slots.

  • As a Business plan user, how long do the minutes remain in my account after purchase?

Minutes roll over from month to month and are available for the life of your subscription/contract with us. Your minutes will continue to accrue until your service is terminated.




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