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Automation testing

  • Which automation frameworks does Kobiton support?

Kobiton supports the Appium Framework for web application testing on both iOS and Android.

  • How can I enable screenshot capturing for automation or manual test sessions?

By default, Kobiton automatically records each action performed with a screenshot. To view this setting, hover over your device and select Show automation settings. From here, you can toggle Allow screen capture on and off.

  • Is there a default Google account on the Android devices?

Yes, each Kobiton device has an active Google account configured on it.

  • Does Kobiton support recording HTTP commands for automation test?

Kobiton records all automation commands and captures screenshots associated with each command.

  • For Kobiton iOS devices, do I need to sign the app with a provisioning profile that includes the device UDID?

No, just upload your binary (.ipa file).

  • For internal iOS, do I need to sign the app with the provisioning profile that includes the organization device UDID?

Yes, you are required to sign the app with the provisioning profile that includes your organization device UDID, so Kobiton can deploy the UDID to your organization devices.

  • Can I access the machine hosting the Kobiton cloud device or access its shell as part of my tests? Can I access the Internet from the host machine?

No. If you need Internet access from the host machine, please contact us.

  • How long does it take before automation tests start?

If devices are available, tests usually start within a minute; otherwise, you will receive an error. In future releases, Kobiton plans to support queuing capability and your tests will be queued and executed once the devices are available.

Python selenium client fails to initialize a remote driver using HTTPS Kobiton endpoint with the following error message, how can I fix?

"CertificateError: hostname 'x.x.x.x' doesn't match either of"
That is an known issue of Python Selenium client, you have to update your script for remote driver initialization as below:

self.kobitonServerUrl = ""
self._command_executor = RemoteConnection(self.kobitonServerUrl, resolve_ip=False)
self.driver = webdriver.Remote(self._command_executor, configs.desired_caps_android_web)
  • How to customize newCommandTimeout in Katalon Studio?

1. Retrieve Automation settings from your Kobiton device.

2. On Katalon application, open Project -> Settings -> Execution -> Remote as here

3. Input automation settings along with newCommandTimeout settings retrieved from step #1 to this form:


4. Execute selected test script using "Remote" option as here

  • How to handle app permission popup in Appium test?

Append the following capabilities, below is a sample java snippet:

Android 6:

capabilities.setCapability("appWaitPackage", "");
capabilities.setCapability("appWaitActivity", ".permission.ui.GrantPermissionsActivity");

Android 7:

capabilities.setCapability("appWaitPackage", "");

Buttons in dialog have ids:

  • "permission_deny_button"
  • "permission_allow_button"






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