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App repository

  • What is app repository?

The Apps repository is a storage place in Kobiton for your apps. By storing your apps in the app repository, you can access and test them anytime from anywhere.

  • I am an organization account user, can I delete apps uploaded by other users in the organization?

No, you can only delete apps you have uploaded. However, you can see the user's public apps and use them for manual and automation testing purposes.

  • Can i manage multiple version of the app in the App repository?

Yes, you can add multiple versions of your app to the app repository.

  • Is my application safe in the App repository?

Yes, apps in the repository are only visible to your organization members. There is no public access.

  • Does the Apps repository support the .zip file format?

Yes, If you create your iOS application as a .app directory with multiple files, you need to export it as a .zip file before uploading. If you have created your app as a .ipa file, you can upload that file directly without needing to zip it up.




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