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Network Payload Capture


To let you capture the network transaction sent in and out the devices in test sessions

What it can does

Show the overview of network requests

In session details, it will show all network requests as (1) that follows the setting To expand/ collapse the overview, click on the icon (2) Expand/ Collapse network overview

Show the network payload

In session details, observe the payloads in the tab Observe Request / Response Payloads network payload

Setting for this feature

  1. Go into Settings/ Network Capture to pull up the setting form 1
  2. Input the base-domain that you want to capture the network transactions (i.e all transactions from sub-domains will be captured also) 2
  3. Click on Advanced to change the data type you want to capture. By default, Application/ json will be captured 3

Known limitation

  • Only Android devices with OS version 9 → 11 have this capability

  • Manual and Appium sessions will be able to capture the network transaction. Espresso and XCUITest sessions are not able to do it for now

  • In public devices pool, some devices are enable with this feature. Please contact our Customer Support to have the list of the devices

  • For local devices, you have to do configuration on the hosting machine and on the devices to have it enabled

  • Since we do not support certificate pinning yet, it should be more stable on web and hybrige application. For native application, you could face some errors while running the sessions




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