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Infrastructure and hardware requirements:

  1. Network devices

    • Wifi access point: on average you should arrange 20 devices per one access point. We recommend to use Aruba AP-305
  2. Hardware devices

  3. Network bandwidth

    Internet outgoing bandwidth

    Read this if you go with On-Premises Devices plan in Kobiton

    The Manual Testing on each device, on average, requires 2Mb/s Internet outgoing bandwidth. So make sure you equip your Internet outgoing bandwidth enough for maximum parallel usage on devices e.g. buy 50Mb/s for manual testing on 20 devices in parallel.

    Internal (LAN) bandwidth

    Kobiton recommends to equip network devices (wifi access points, hub / switch, routers) that support highest bandwidth as much as possible. For instance, 1Gb/s Ethernet, Wifi 802.11n standard.

  4. Mobile devices

    • Kobiton supports Android and iOS phones. Please visit our Devices List page to see all supported devices
  5. Macintosh machines (must run macOS)

    • Recommend to use Mac mini 2018 with below specifications:
      • Processor 3.2 Ghz Intel Core i7
      • Memory 32GB 2667 Mhz DDR4
      • Storage : 500G Flash storage




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