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Managing devices as organization

With Kobiton, your organization can manage its device infrastructure for manual and automation testing. To use your devices with Kobiton, you must download the Kobiton Desktop App, available from the download menu. Connect your devices to your computer and activate the devices using the Kobiton Desktop App. The organization feature allows an organization to use device infrastructure from different locations.

The following descriptions explain some of the features of the Kobiton Desktop App:

No. Description
1 KBB Devices (1) shows all the devices you have registered in the Kobiton cloud with the Kobiton Desktop App. KBB is the organization name that you can modify for your organization.
2 Use the star icon (2) to mark a device as a favorite. Devices marked as favorites appear in the Favorite Devices (5) section.
3 Use the “i” icon (3) to view device information, such as model name, OS version and screen resolution.
4 Use the gear icon (4) to generate the Desired Capabilities for your automation test.
5 "Favorite Devices" shows the frequently tested devices you have selected for convenient access.
6 The green icon (6) indicates the device is available for testing, and the cloud icon (6) indicates the device is a Kobiton device.
7 The red icon (7) indicates the device is not available for testing, and the cloud icon (7) indicates the device is a Kobiton device.
8 Devices without a cloud icon (8) are your devices.
9 The Kobiton Cloud Devices (9) section shows all the Kobiton devices.





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