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How to configure the Cleanup Policy (Global Cleanup Policy)

You can access to the Cleanup policies configuration by going to Profile → Settings → Cleanup Policy.


For Android private devices

No. Description
1. All the installed app (including app & app’s data) during testing session will be removed when the test session is ended.

- When the “All apps installed...” is checked, all data related to that app will also included (mandatory)
- You can keep your installed apps (only clear App’s data) by uncheck the “All apps installed...” or you can keep both by unchecking all.
2. All the browser apps (including cookies & cache), signed accounts, setting will be removed when the test session is ended.

- This policy will clean up all existing browsers’ data on your device before applying the policy.
3. For complex policies, the hint text icons will be displayed and show the short description / notice for user.
4. All the applications in the recent application list will be removed

For iOS private devices

No. Description
5. Apply the same cleanup policies as Android devices.
6. Update all modifications of cleanup policy and apply for every next test.


This configuration will be considered as the Global Cleanup Policy for all the users under an organization to follow.




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