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Device Cleanup


Users’ apps which are tested on Kobiton devices, are protected and will not be accessible to anyone during or immediately after the test session. Kobiton will automatically uninstall the app after the completion of the test session. Kobiton now offers users who use Device Lab Management to host / manage their own (private) devices, a flexible method to control a cleanup process. Kobiton’s users are able to include / exclude the cleanup activities after exiting a manual / automation session.

  • Remove app installed within a session
  • Remove browser’s cache and browsing history
  • Reset device settings (turn on WIFI, USB Debugging, turn off Airplane Mode…)
  • Remove signed in account (Gmail, Facebook...)

Target User

  • The function is only applied for users who use Device Lab Management to host / manage the private devices.
  • Only Admin of an organization has a permission to configure the policy.




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