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Device Status


  • Currently, the Kobiton has 4 device status: online, utilizing, reserved, and offline.
  • When the users create the reservation successfully, they will see these device statuses that are online. Nevertheless, other users will see the "Reserved" state on these devices.
    • If the user uses the devices, these devices will be changed from "reserved" to "utilizing" state.
    • If the user is finished using the device but remains within the time of booking, the device will change from "online" to "reserved" state until the time is over.
    • If the booking period expires and the user is not using the devices, these devices will change from "reserved" to "online" state.
    • After one hour, if you have done using the API, the devices will be online for other users; if you are still using it, it will be at the "utilizing" state in which no one can interrupt until you finish.




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