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Manual Testing

  • Full control of mobile devices: Test on physical devices remotely with support for multi-touch gestures, orientation and GPS simulations, camera and speaker control, and device connection management.

  • Automatically record all test sessions: Kobiton captures all the actions you perform on the app in a device log so you can quickly review performance benchmarks in real time.

  • Enhanced remote control experience: Optimize rendering rate and device selection based on your connection quality and location.

Automation Testing

  • No change to your automation scripts: Execute automation tests on Kobiton devices by updating the device settings to your required configuration.

  • Test sessions history: Kobiton preserves all automation executions, including commands, logs, screenshots and metadata.

  • Automate from A-Z: Kobiton automatically cleans your test apps and data after the session ends.

Device Management

  • Easy setup: Download the Kobiton Desktop App and start plugging in your devices.

  • Easy device enrollment: Register your own devices to the Kobiton cloud and make the device available to your teams across different locations.

  • Maximize device coverage Use your own devices and Kobiton cloud devices together to increase device coverage for your testing and to save on costs.





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