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Integrate Kobiton apps repository with CI tool

You can upload your mobile apps built in your CI tool to Kobiton Apps Repository through Kobiton Rest API, this section is to help you steps (in order) for how to upload apps to Apps Repostiory

  1. Request api, which can reference from Kobiton api documentation, to get uploading url which is used in next step for uploading your app. We use AWS S3 for storing the app files.


    Kobiton S3 bucket is set with non-public permissions so nobody can access them except Kobiton backend.

  2. Upload your app file to S3 by using given url in above step, recommend to consult our sample code at API docs for uploading

  3. Once app file is uploaded successfully, request api with command from Kobiton api documentation to inform Apps Repository that file is available on Kobiton S3 bucket so that Kobiton system can proceed further (parse app info, scan for virus, etc.).


    The appPath param can be found from response in step (1)




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