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Kobiton Key Features

Manual Testing

Full control of mobile devicesSupport

Test on physical devices remotely with support for multi-touch gestures, orientation


and GPS simulations, camera and speaker control, and device connection management.

Automatically record all test sessionsAll actions performed

Kobiton captures all the actions you perform on the app

will be captured

in a device log

and performance benchmark

so you can quickly review performance benchmarks in real



Enhanced remote control experience

Optimize rendering rate and device selection based on your connection quality and location.

Automation Testing

No change to your automation scripts

Execute automation tests on Kobiton devices by updating the


device settings to your required configuration.

Test sessions historyAll

Kobiton preserves all automation executions

are maintained with

, including commands, logs, screenshots and metadata.

Automate from A-Z
Kobiton will automatically clean up cleans your test apps and data after the session ends.

Device Management

Easy setup 

Just download Download the Kobiton Desktop Application App and start plug-plugging in your organization devices.

Easy device enrollment 

Register your own devices to the Kobiton cloud and make the device available to your teams

located at

across different



Maximize device coverage Utilize

Use your own devices and Kobiton cloud devices together to

get more

increase device coverage for your testing and to save on costs.

Kobiton video demo for manual/automation testing

nameKobiton Product Demo.mp4