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Kobiton devices for Trial Users

S No.Device NameOS version
1iPhone 6 Plus10.2
2iPhone 710.0.2
3iPhone 6s Plus10.2.1
4iPhone 6s10.2.1
5iPhone 7 Plus10.1.1
6Galaxy J75.1.1
7iPhone 69.3.4
8Galaxy S7 Edge6.0.1
9Galaxy J56.0.1
10Galaxy S56.0.1
11LG G46.0
12iPhone SE9.3.4
13iPad Pro 9.7 (Wi-Fi)9.3.3
14Galaxy J35.1.1
15Galaxy S66.0.1
16iPad mini 4G (Cellular)10.0.2
17iPad Pro 12.9 (Wi-Fi)10.2.1
18Galaxy Note46.0.1
19iPhone 5s (GSM)9.3.4
20Moto X Play6.0.1
21Moto G(4) Plus6.0.1
22iPad mini 3G (Cellular)10.0.2
23Galaxy A7(2016)6.0.1
24Galaxy S76.0.1
25LG K10 LTE6.0
26Nexus 54.4.4
27Moto G (3rd Gen)6.0
28iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi)10.1.1
29Xperia X Compact6.0.1
30LG K55.1

Kobiton devices for Paying Users

S No.Device NameOS Version
1Galaxy S6 Edge6.0.1
2Galaxy J3(2016)5.1.1
3Galaxy S66.0.1
4Galaxy J55.1.1
5Nexus 54.4.4
6Galaxy Note35.0
7Galaxy Note46.0.1
8iPhone SE9.3.4
9iPhone SE9.3.4
10iPhone 5s (GSM)10.1.1
11iPhone 5s (GSM)9.3.2
12iPhone 5s (GSM)9.3.4
13iPhone 710.0.3
14Galaxy J75.1.1
15Galaxy Note56.0.1
16LG V105.1.1
17Galaxy Note45.1.1
18Moto G(4) Plus6.0.1
19Galaxy J35.1.1
20iPhone 6s Plus10.1.1
21iPhone 6s9.3.5
22iPhone 6s10.1.1
23iPhone 69.3.5
24iPad mini 4G (Wi-Fi)9.3.5
25iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi)9.3.4
26Galaxy A7(2016)5.1.1
27Galaxy S7 Edge6.0.1
28LG K10 LTE6.0
29LG G46.0
30Nexus 5X7.0
31iPhone 6s Plus10.1.1
32iPhone 6 Plus9.3.3
33iPhone 6s9.3.5
34iPad mini 4G (Cellular)9.1
35iPad Pro 9.7 (Wi-Fi)9.3.3
36iPad mini 39.3.2
37Galaxy S55.0
38Galaxy On55.1.1
39LG G56.0.1
40LG G3 Beat4.4.2
41Galaxy C56.0.1
42Moto X Play6.0.1
43Galaxy Tab S2
44iPhone 69.3.5
45iPad mini 4G (Wi-Fi)9.3.5
46iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi)9.3.4
47iPad Pro 9.7 (Wi-Fi)9.3.3
48iPhone 7 Plus10.0.2
49iPad mini 3G (Cellular)10.0.2
50iPad Pro 12.9 (Wi-Fi)9.3.3
51iPhone 7 Plus10.0.1
52iPhone 7 Plus10.0.1
53iPhone 710.0.2
54iPhone 710.0.2
55iPhone 6 Plus10.0.2
56iPhone 6 Plus10.0.1
57Pixel XL7.1.1
58Galaxy S54.4.2
59Galaxy S54.4.2
60Galaxy S7 Edge6.0.1
61Galaxy On75.1.1
62iPhone 6s Plus10.1.1
63iPhone 6s Plus10.1.1
64iPhone 6s Plus10.1.1
65iPhone 7 Plus10.1.1
66Moto X Play6.0.1
67Galaxy A7(2016)6.0.1
68Galaxy J5 Prime6.0.1
69LG G3 Beat4.4.2
70Nexus 5X7.0
71LG X power6.0.1
72LG V105.1.1
73Galaxy A85.1.1
74Galaxy S76.0.1
75Galaxy J56.0.1
76Galaxy A3(2016)6.0.1
77iPhone 6s10.1.1
78iPhone 6s10.1.1
79iPhone 69.3.4
80iPhone 610.2
81Xperia XA6.0
82Galaxy Note56.0.1
83LG G45.1
84LG K10 LTE6.0
85Galaxy S6 Edge6.0.1
86LG Stylus 26.0.1
87Xperia X Compact6.0.1
88Galaxy J2 Prime (SAMSUNG SM-G532M)6.0.1
89Moto G(4) Plus6.0.1
90iPhone 710.0.3
91iPad mini 410.0.2
92iPad mini 410.0.2
93iPhone 710.0.3
94Xperia XZ6.0.1
95LG K8 LTE6.0
96Moto G (3rd Gen)6.0
97LG G56.0.1
98LG Stylus2 4G6.0.1
99Galaxy Note35.0
100LG X power6.0.1
101LG K10 LTE6.0
102Galaxy S7 Edge6.0.1
103Xperia XA6.0
104iPhone 6s Plus10.1.1
105iPhone 6 Plus10.2
106iPhone 7 Plus10.1.1
107iPhone 6 Plus10.2
108Moto X Play6.0.1
109Galaxy A7(2016)6.0.1
110LG G56.0.1
111Galaxy J75.1.1
112Galaxy J7 Prime6.0.1
114Xperia X6.0.1
115Galaxy S66.0.1
116Galaxy J56.0.1
117Galaxy S76.0.1
118iPad Air 210.1.1
119iPad mini 310.2
120iPhone 6 Plus10.0.2
121iPhone 6 Plus10.0.2
122Xperia E56.0
123Moto G(4) Plus6.0.1
124Galaxy C56.0.1
125LG G45.1
126Nexus 54.4.3
127Moto G Play6.0.1
128Galaxy J76.0.1
129Xperia XA Ultra6.0
130Nexus 54.4.3
131Galaxy Tab S2
132iPhone 6s10.1.1
133iPhone 710.0.3
134iPad Pro (9.7-inch)10.1.1
135iPad Air 210.1.1
136Galaxy J2 Prime6.0.1
137Galaxy A75.0.2
138LG G Pad
139LG V207.0
140Galaxy J35.1.1
141Pixcel C7.1.1
142Galaxy J75.1.1
143Galaxy S66.0.1
144Xperia X Performance6.0.1
145Galaxy Note46.0.1
146iPad Pro (12.9-inch)10.1.1
147iPad Pro (12.9-inch)10.1.1
148iPhone 610.0.2
149iPhone SE9.3.3
150Galaxy S76.0.1
151LG G56.0.1
152Moto G (3rd Gen)6.0
153LG K75.1.1
154LG K75.1.1
156Galaxy J75.1.1
157Galaxy J35.1.1
158LG G56.0.1
159Moto G(4)6.0.1
160Moto G (3rd Gen)6.0




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