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Kobiton supports the following file formats for native apps:

OSFile format

Zip file format: iOS .app applications file must be in a .zip file format.

If you create your iOS application as a .app directory with multiple files, you need to export it as a .zip file before uploading. If you have created your app as a .ipa file, you can upload that file directly without needing to zip it up.

Parameters for the app method





Each application file(.APK, .IPA, .ZIP) uploaded to the app repository must have its own unique ID. You refer to the App ID when setting up the app capability in your test script. Example: kobiton-store:71


Setting Kobiton Desired Capabilities for your application file in Kobiton Storage

Kobiton storage URLs are in the form kobiton-storage:app-id, After you've uploaded the file, you can set your test to reference the application at the Kobiton Storage URL with the app capability, as shown in this example for App.


capabilities.SetCapability("app", "kobiton-store:71");



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